Internet Bank for Business

Internet Bank for Business

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Would you like to manage your business from your computer in any part of the globe? Would you like to save time – both yours and your employees?

Connect the Internet Bank for Business service: it will help to exclude mistakes in the documents, avoid visits to the Bank and flexibly manage all financial processes.

Internet Banking Advantages

  • Save Time

    Save Time

    Get information, make payments all over the globe where Internet is available.

  • Sign Documents On-line

    Sign Documents On-line

    Create documents for payment and sign them using an Electronic Digital Signature (EDS).

  • An alternative to the Client-Bank service

    An alternative to the Client-Bank service

    Both the Client-Bank and the Internet-Bank process the information in the common system. Use the Client-Bank and the Internet-Bank as independent ways of access to banking and financial information. Set one EDS Key for both systems.

  • Use Directories

    Use Directories

    You can avoid mistakes at the stage of input of the documents into the system if you use built-in, automatically updated bank directories.

  • Use Beneficial Exchange Rates

    Use Beneficial Exchange Rates

    The Internet Bank automatically generates the exchange rates which are more beneficial, than upon personal visit to the bank.

  • Use Mobile Applications

    Use Mobile Applications

    Freely download the mobile application for Android and iOS.

How to Connect to the Internet-Bank

It's really simple

  • In any branch
      1. Appoint an Administrator who will be the contact person from your company. He will create user accounts and manage the settings.
      2. Complete the application: print, fill in and sign the registration form.
      3. Apply to any branch at your convenience to confirm the registration