Prior Business 2.0.

Convenient mobile application for business

Prior Business 2.0.

Convenient mobile application for business

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Manage your business wherever it is convenient for you, using your smartphone.

Download Prior Business 2.0 mobile application and perform the necessary operations in a few clicks and completely safely. Check the current balance, form statements, control and make payments, sign documents and do much more without visiting the bank.

Advantages of Prior Business 2.0 application

  • Latest information about the account

    Latest information about the account

    Check the current balance and control in and out transactions.

  • Express payments

    Express payments

    Make payments to the legal entities as well as accrue salaries and other payments to individuals.

  • Documents approvement using M-code

    Documents approvement using M-code

    Confirm any request using SMS-messages (M-code) without digital signature.

  • Security


    Be sure that all your data and documents are protected. We use reliable technologies to ensure the successful completion of transactions and the safety of your data. You can also set an additional security option for logging in: fingerprint, smart code, or a graphic key.

  • Multi-user mode

    Multi-user mode

    Easily switch between your companies right in the application.

How to connect to Mobile Bank for business?

If you already use Online Bank for business, just download Prior Business 2.0 application from App Store or Play Market.

Prior Business 2.0 в Google Play Prior Business 2.0 в Apple Store

If you do not use the Online Bank service yet, you will need to register. To do this:

  • Determine administrator
    • The administrator will be a contact person for your organization. The administrator will create accounts for other users and manage the settings.

  • Fill in an application
    • Print, fill in and sign a registration form linking to the website of the Online Bank and clicking “Register”.

  • Address the bank
    • Confirm your registration at any Priorbank Banking Services Center convenient for you.

How to restore password from Online Banking?

Password restoration is possible only in Online Bank. In Mobile Bank this operation is on the stage of implementation.

  • For administrator
    • Fill in the form “Administrator password restoration”, print, sign and seal (if available) the application form for administrator password restoration to the Online Bank system. Then contact the Banking Services Center and re-activate the system.

  • For user
    • It is necessary that the administrator sets a temporary password for this user through the “Settings – Users” menu. After that the user fills in the form to change the temporary password and sets a new password.