Payment Services

Payment Services

Take advantage of Priorbank's expertise:

efficient payment execution

broad correspondent network in Belarus and abroad

high AML/KYC standards

English-speaking account manager



External transfers:

BYN: 15:00 GMT+3

EUR & USD: 16:00 GMT+3

RUB, other currencies: 14:00 GMT+3

Book transfers:

BYN: 16:30 GMT+3

Other currencies: 16:00 GMT+3

Incoming payments crediting:

16:30 GMT+3

Nostro Correspondents

Please click here to see the payment details of the correspondent banks and examples of how to fill in the requisites.

Documents for correspondent account opening

1. Agreement on Correspondent Relations

2. Account Opening Application Form

3. Questionnaire

4. KYC Questionnaire

5. State Registration Document copy

6. Constituent Documents copy

7. Banking License copy

8. Specimen signature card/album

* Documents and/or copies thereof submitted to the Bank in a foreign language shall be accompanied by a duly certified translation into one of the state languages of the Republic of Belarus. Copies of documents shall be executed in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Belarus.