Electronic Payments System Client-Bank

Electronic Payments System Client-Bank

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Become a Client-Bank service user and start managing your account directly from the office with the help of an electronic workflow for legal entities.

New Level of Convenience

  1. Customisable and simple interface
  2. Templates for payment instructions and applications
  3. Actual directories
  4. History storage
  5. Multi-user functionality
  6. The system is functional after the end of the operational day
  7. Expansion of capacities and automated software updates
  8. Information support +375 17 289 90 40

Firm Confidence in Security

  1. Document preview
  2. Control of each stage of the document processing in the bank
  3. Certified cryptographic protection system
  4. Delineation of powers

Why the Client-Bank is so convenient?

  • Settable and simple interface

    Settable and simple interface

    Setting of printing forms in graphical or text format, "enquiries navigator" which enables to view all the today's enquiries.

  • Templates of payment instructions and applications

    Templates of payment instructions and applications

    Possibility to create templates of the most often used documents.

  • Actual directories

    Actual directories

    Create templates of loyal customers with their requisites (Company name, MFO (sort code) and name of the bank, settlement account).

  • Storage of each document history

    Storage of each document history

    The system enables to store the documents archives.

  • Multi-user regime

    Multi-user regime

    Several users with different access roles for tasks, accounts and requests can simultaneously operate in the system.

  • The system is functional after end of the operational day

    The system is functional after end of the operational day

    Send electronic documents at any time – the Bank will process them as soon as the new Operational Day begins.

  • Automated software updates

    Automated software updates

    The Client-Bank System has a module structure and is easily expanded.

  • Information support

    Information support

    Should You have any questions related to the System operation, please, apply to Your Banking Services Center, as well as over the phone +37517 289 90 40, for A1 and MTS subscribers - 487, for Minsk - 187.

  • Document preliminary control

    Document preliminary control

    Correctness and completeness of fields filling, compliance with the directories are controlled.

  • Control of each stage

    Control of each stage

    You can view the document processing status stage by the Bank with each communication session with the Bank.

  • Certified cryptographic protection system

    Certified cryptographic protection system

    Documents encryption and signing them with Your personal secret key ensures full security of Your electronic workflow.

  • Delineation of powers

    Delineation of powers

    Each user receives a specific role with a predefined tasks set.

How does the Client Bank System operate?

  • Step 1.


    The respective software is installed on your computer. Priorbank creates an e-mail box for you.

  • Step 2.


    Your computer is connected to the software and hardware appliance of the bank via a modem or the Internet (at your discretion).

    During the communication session, your computer transmits electronic messages (enquiries) to the bank, which enter the bank's e-mail box.

  • Step 3.


    The Bank replies to your enquiries via e-mail. During the next communication session you can read it.

How can I connect to the Client-Bank?

  • Step 1.

    Read the Service Terms

    To be connected:

    - Check your workstation compliance with technical parameters (Technical requirements for the Client-Bank System)
    - Read the General Terms of Settlement and Cash Servicing for Priorbank JSC Clients

  • Step 2.

    Create an Application

    Create an application at the Banking Services Center

  • Step 3.

    Install Client-Bank

    The System is installed with the assistance of the bank's technical consultant.

    To start using the System:

    - create encryption protection keys and exchange them with the bank
    - sign the open key card for verification of your signature