Services Packages

Services Packages

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Would you like to equip your business with the most up-to-date financial instruments? Would you like to enjoy an individual approach to selecting banking products and services?

Priorbank offers you the Services Packages – comprehensive services for clients with annual revenues  exceeding 5 million EUR. With our assistance you can increase financial stability, receive advise and information support for your business.

Advantage of the Service Packages

  • Thorough Selection

    Thorough Selection

    A thoroughly selected services package is much more valuable than each of the separate tools. Our packaged solutions in combination with individual consulting are called "Comprehensive Business Solutions".

  • Comprehensive Financial Solutions

    Comprehensive Financial Solutions

    Today, we offer to each client optimized Comprehensive Financial Solutions, consisting of separate banking instruments, such as loans, guarantees, overdrafts, leasing, etc.

  • Unique Offers

    Unique Offers

    Implementing our 10-year experience of unique banking services proposals, Priorbank offers tools which contribute to the sustainable development of your business.

  • An Individual Approach

    An Individual Approach

    Your personal manager will select the most suitable service package for your business.

  • Always Up-to-date Information

    Always Up-to-date Information

    You will be always aware of the situation of the FX and money markets, macroeconomic indicators of the Republic of Belarus, and other useful information for your business.

  • International Desk Services

    International Desk Services

    International Desk Contacts: V. Khoruzhey Str., 31A, Minsk
    Telephone number: +375 17 289-94-53