Visa Signature

Visa Signature

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Services Package Advantages

  1. + free card issue
  2. + free cash withdrawal in the Bank's ATMs and Cash Offices
  3. + free cash withdrawal in ATMs all over the world – limited to 10,000 BYN per month
  4. + voluntary accident and health insurance for travelling abroad
  5. + voluntary MOD insurance under special conditions
  6. + free service Auto Help
  7. + discount for bank transfers
  8. + 50% discount for documents submission
  9. + free issue of the card Visa Virtuon (Internet)
  10. + discount for the other debit cards issue
  11. + establishment of individual limits
  12. + free SMS-notification
  13. + free connection and servicing of the Internet-Bank, USSD-Bank, SMS-Bank


Visa Signature

card validity period

4 years

card issue


free withdrawal of cash in Priorbank ATMs


free BYN cash withdrawal in other banks' ATMs*


withdrawal of foreign currency in other banks' ATMs*


50% discount for bank transfer


bank transfer crediting


min. 5.00 BYN
max. 200.00 BYN

Visa cards are issued in EUR, USD and BYN.

* - the fee is not charged for cash withdrawal  of up 10,000 BYN a month: Premium Signature - 3% (minimum 7 BYN)

** SMS.PRO service includes the following SMS:
- on all credit transactions to the amount of exceeding 0.10 BYN/USD/EUR/RUB and on all debit transactions;
- on all debit transactions abroad, thereof on Internet Sites, registered abroad;
- 3D-Secure Code;
- M-Code;
- on the card delivery to a branch;
- on the card storage period end at a branch;
- unblocking of the first card;
- termination of the card validity period in foreign currency;
- oblocking of the card related for fraudulent actions;
- transaction rejection related to the limit excess (in terms of transactions amount and size);
- transaction rejection if it is not permitted to a cardholder;
- transaction cancellation (return of funds).

*** The Promo-Code must be communicated to the driver before the start of the trip. The service is valid for a trip from the airport to the first destination point. If one of the passengers needs to continue the trip, the tariffs of LLC Pyatnitsa Plus are applied. Similarly, for trips to the airport, the Promo-Code shall be used from the last passenger pickup location.