Do you need an exclusive service? Do you appreciate special comfort in business and travelling?

Premium Visa and MasterCard cards  will ensure a high quality service and special privileges – even abroad.

Further Details

Premium Cards Advantages

  • Premium Cards Advantages

    Premium Cards Advantages

    For your special benefit, we have developed a Comprehensive Banking Services Program combining the most in-demand products. Now, your premium card comprises not only banking services, but also a whole world of privileges and bonuses across the globe.

  • Concierge Service

    Concierge Service

    A 24 hour Concierge Service will not only answer your questions, but will also assist you with various situations: booking tickets, choosing a restaurant abroad, urgent car towing and many others.

  • Exclusive Opportunities and Privileges Program

    Exclusive Opportunities and Privileges Program

    We offer you the following Programs: Shopping Protection, Guarantees Extension, Legal and Medical Support, Concierge Service and Insurance, discounts and bonuses – this is more than just a service.

  • Special Support Services

    Special Support Services

    Wherever you may find yourself, you can urgently recover a lost or stolen card or withdraw cash.

  • Order the Card with Cash-Back

    Order the Card with Cash-Back

    With the Boomerang Card, you can receive cash-back from the cost of each purchase!

  • Contactless Payments

    Contactless Payments

    Pay for your purchases with one light move: thanks to contactless technologies or with the help of the Prior Pay application. This is fast, convenient and safe.

  • KEYcard Loyalty Program

    KEYcard Loyalty Program

    Shop in the program partners network with a Priorbank card and receive the cash-back of up to 20%