Premium Direct

Distant Premium Servicing

Premium Direct

Distant Premium Servicing

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Premium Direct is a Distant Premium Servicing Program. Premium Direct Clients enjoy the same services offered by traditional Premium Banking. The only difference is distant servicing: you can get in touch with your personal manager via the telephone, computer or tablet; the comprehensive banking servicing is provided from a distance, the necessity to visit a branch is minimized.

Premium Direct Advantages

  • Personal Manager

    Personal Manager

    The Personal Manager is a professional, who is your point of contact in the bank for all issues. Via an e-mail or phone he will find the most suitable solution to your current financial tasks and will professionally advise you on how to achieve your long term financial plans.

  • Priority Servicing

    Priority Servicing

    Premium Direct Clients are guaranteed fast servicing. All the clients' questions and requests are reviewed as soon as possible. Your Distant Personal Manager will inform you on the bank's special offers and promotions, deliver important information, provide reminders about your deposit or card maturity date.

  • Individual Premium Telephone Line

    Individual Premium Telephone Line

    A Premium Direct Client can enjoy several communication channels with the bank at any convenient time: if required, you can call your manager over the phone or contact via email. Additionaly, you will have a 24 hour access to the individual 24/7 Premium Line of Priorbank Contact Center.

  • Distant Servicing of Finances

    Distant Servicing of Finances

    You can distantly manage your accounts and cards using the expanded opportunities of the Internet-Banking and Mobile-Banking systems.

  • Delivery of Bank Cards and Documents by a Courier

    Delivery of Bank Cards and Documents by a Courier

    Now, your financial tasks can be solved faster and without visiting the bank. Contact your personal manager and receive your correspondence with the bank by a courier.

  • Financial Diagnostics

    Financial Diagnostics

    Financial Diagnostics this is the method to determine your financial potential determination, i.e. your capabilities to implement such important tasks as creation and saving of capital, receiving of new loans without excessive complexities, assets protection and ensuring a decent future. To undergo the diagnostics, you will need to answer several simple questions, after which your personal manager will be adle to analyze your current financial situation and determine ways to improve it.

  • Premium Banking Products and Services

    Premium Banking Products and Services

    Exclusive Premium Banking products and services are the key to achieving your targets while providing beneficial opportunities. Your Personal Manager will offer you an individual set of banking products that are the most suitable to your interests and expectations.