Concierge Service 24/7

Your personal assistant for various tasks all over the globe

Concierge Service 24/7

Your personal assistant for various tasks all over the globe

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Concierge Service is a 24/7 information support service!

A personal assistant all over the globe who is ready to fulfil your urgent tasks, provide comprehensive information on your enquiry and assist with booking and payment for your required services. The convenient way to quickly receive the required information regarding transport, hotels, restaurants, car rent, places of rest.

A 24/7 information support service is ensured in partnership with ASPIRE Lifestyles. The concierge always cooperates with service suppliers and only in exclusive cases with agents, thus offering services at minimum prices. You can always choose the most optimal option, which best meets your wishes and requests.

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Service Advantage

  • All Over the Globe

    All Over the Globe

    Wherever you require help, call the Concierge Service: the operators will inform you where the nearest hotel is, book a room in it and call a taxi.

  • Free of Charge

    Free of Charge

    Any required information, as well as assistance in booking of the required service is provided free of charge. The services cost (car rental, hotel stays, flight or railway ticket) are paid by the card holder.

  • Urgent Tasks

    Urgent Tasks

    Wiht the help of the personal assistant you can transfer urgent messages to your partners, send a fax to your colleague or organize an unscheduled meeting.

  • Assistance in Problems Solving

    Assistance in Problems Solving

    The Service operators will assist in solving any difficult situation: flight delay, documents loss, problems with hotel accommodation, misunderstanding or language barrier along with any other unforeseen circumstances.