International Payments

Make international payments quickly and easily

International Payments

Make international payments quickly and easily

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How important is it for you to experience quick and smooth foreign transactions without additional fees?

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by Priorbank: international partners, direct accounts and a centralized system for processing payments.Customers of Priorbank JSC receive reliable transaction services to reach any country where their partners operate.


  • Centralized processing payment system

    Centralized processing payment system

    A highly-centralized system with minor manual interference reduces operational risk to a minimum and ensures smooth and fast settlements. Excellent quality in the delivery of commercial payments and financial transfers which is acknowledged by the top European Banks.

  • Access to all European clearing systems

    Access to all European clearing systems

    Having Raiffeisen Bank International as our main correspondent bank for EUR payments, we are pleased to offer our Belarusian customers quick access to all European clearing systems for EUR settlements. RBI has a wide network of correspondent banks worldwide which allows to significantly reduce the time of funds transfer to the payee. At the same time, Priorbank is the first-choice bank for Austrian residents in making payments in favour of a Belarusian counterparty.

    Other notable correspondents of Priorbank include CITIBANK NA (USD clearing bank), Sberbank (RUB clearing bank), Credit Suisse AG (CHF clearing bank), etc.

  • Access to foreign markets

    Access to foreign markets

    Being a member of a global banking group, Priorbank supports its customers in their expansion into new markets. Belarusian enterprises with involvement in international trade with China have an opportunity to settle the payments in local currency – Chinese Yuan via the biggest bank in China – Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.


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